As Seen in Excellence Magazine, a Cup Holder for Your Early Porsche Boxster or 996.

I know, I know we shouldn't be distracted by our beverage while driving. But sometimes on that long cruise or distant trek to the track, don't you wish you had a place to put your drink? This was inspired by our customers request for the early models that didn't offer a factory cup holder. We made a few and the response was phenomenal. Constructed out of 6mm (¼") ABS plastic and contoured to the perfect angle with a 73mm (2 ⅞") opening, it slides in securely between the lower and upper console. more info or Buy Now

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A Subwoofer for Porsche 964, 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman

We have tried many different approaches to getting clean tight bass into these cars without compromising esthetics or functionality. This subwoofer enclosure sits in the passenger footwell perfectly and features a 10" Diamond Audio driver that handles 150 Watts RMS. The sound is rich, deep and clean. Even in convertibles, for which we originally designed it. The carpet is Porsche carpet and the match is usually perfect or very close, though we can't guarantee it. Note: Will not work with factory BOSE subwoofer mounted to the side of the console. more info or to order give us a call

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Porsche 911 Speaker Fix

As these cars become more classic, the foam on the factory speakers deteriorates rendering them useless. For the front speakers we usually upgrade from the original 5¼" to a 6½" woofer and a better tweeter in the stock location. For the rear we sell a custom mounting plate that will accommodate a 4" coaxial speaker as well as the stock grille for that original look. more info

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Porsche 911 Broken Door Pocket Fix

Do you own a "Modern Classic" 911? Then chances are that there is a crack in the plastic of your door pocket. This was a bad design from the factory and if this annoys you, we have a fix for it. You can either bring the car to our shop in Boston, or remove the six screws (donít lose the countersunk washers stuck to the carpet) and send the pockets to us. We clean and reseal the original plastic, and then add a reinforcement piece behind it plus supply a new longer screw and countersunk washer. We have been doing this fix for over ten years and it holds up great. more info

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